Capacity Building Initiative for Trade
Development in India (CITD)

programme description

The activities aim to modernise and enhance the capacity of India’s trade-related regulatory institutions and enforcement systems in order to meet international standards and requirements. Three areas of expertise will be supported:

  • SPS and Food Quality;
  • Standards and Technical Requirements, including for REACH;
  • Support to Customs efficiency.

This will ultimately contribute to modernise the Indian economy enhance sustainable trade growth and employment opportunities.Moreover, consumers will benefit from improved safety and quality standards (food,chemicals, etc) in line with international best practices.

target groups

The direct beneficiaries are Ministries and Government agencies. Ministry of Commerce and Industry(MoCI) is responsible for trade pollicy making and implementation. Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Commerce will superivise Customs and IPR protections activities. MoCI will also coordinate the two agencies that are direct beneficiaries under the SPS and Food Safety (EIC & APEDA), which will involve four other Ministries (Agriculture, Food Processing Industries, Health, Consumer Affairs), three affiliate institutions:

  • Food Safety & Standard Authority
  • Bureau of Indian Standards and,
  • Quality Council of India, including NABCB & NABC

Food Quality and SPS, Technical Regulations and
Standardisation, and Support to Onsite Post
Clearance Audit (OSPCA) Function in Indian Customs